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Committed to Improving Lives

I found out, 9 years ago, that there was a better way to improve the communication abilities of my daughter. Ever since then I have become extremely passionate about helping people who don’t use spoken words to reach their full potential.

When I first started trying to change the world, I was enthusiastic but inexperienced. I have continued to educate myself and was proud to pass my PGCE in Complex Communication Needs with a high distinction. I have attended and presented at many domestic and international conferences and have been privileged to present with some of the leading experts in the field of communication and literacy including Jane Farrall, Erin Sheldon and Caroline Musselwhite. I have also completed training in communication systems including Grid 3 including Super Core, LAMP Words for Life, PODD, Proloquo2Go and TD Snap. I have supported people to implement these communication systems and TouchChat with Word Power and Proloquo, which I also helped regionalise. 

With my continued education and enthusiasm, I have become just as passionate about literacy, regulation, person-centred values, and understanding the neuroscience behind behaviour during my journey. My hope is that one day people with disabilities will get the supports they require to live successful and fulfilled lives as celebrated and equal members of society.

I have been self-employed for over a year and have worked with many amazing individuals, parents, and professionals. I thought I would mainly work with communication with a little literacy thrown in. But the truth is when you are supporting people to have a better life it really is about everything. I have supported people to go on dates, get prepared for going on holiday, done science experiments, discussed puberty and death. I have helped people become less isolated. Of course, I support the communication and ensuring people have the words to express what they want and need to. People need words to lead the life they want and to be supported to make the decisions they want to make.

Is my business name still correct? Are we Achieving Communication Together? I believe so, it’s just about so much more than I thought it would be and I love it!  Plus, what is the point of communication if it’s not what people want to talk about. I would love to share my knowledge, experience, and passion with you. We can achieve communication together. 

I am also proud to consult with two marvellous organisations:

Rett UK is a charity supporting people with Rett syndrome and their families in all aspects of life.  

Microboards Australia is an organisation that works with people to build sustainable and safe support networks ensuring people are living the lives they want.

Tracey Campbell. Augmentative and Alternative Communication Consultant, Teacher of literacy for those with disabilities, and advocate and life-coach for people with disabilities.

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Video about Tracey Campbell. Jaunty music in background. Text reads:

My name is Tracey. I live in Glasgow.

My name is Leia I do not use spoken words to communicate.

Eight years ago, I learned how to help my daughter communicate better. I also learned that everyone can improve their communication if they are given a chance.

I have been on a soapbox ever since. “Please give everyone a proper communication system”

Some people listened. They were mainly parents. Their children have learned to communicate better too. Sadly, people with the power to create change for many have still not listened.

I decided to go back to uni. I know have a PGCE in Complex Communication Needs from Edith Cowan University.

I used to work in a lab as a Biomedical Scientist.

I am now a consultant helping families and professionals to help others who don’t communicate reliably with spoken words to communicate better.

I can help you create a better life for your child, you, and your whole family

starting a new communication system

progressing an existing communication system

literacy skills for people who don’t learn in a conventional manner

understanding regulation and behaviour

creating a fulfilled life.   

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