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Committed to Improving Lives

Ever since I found out, 8 years ago, that there was a better way to improve the communication abilities of my daughter and others like her I have become extremely passionate about helping people with complex communication needs reach their full potential. Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) practices in the UK are sadly still based on practice that has been outdated for 40 years, despite the ever-expanding research base proving there is a better way.
Too often disabled people are expected to learn using unnatural ways that would leave most people unable to master skills, their disabilities are then blamed as the reason for slow or no progress rather than bad practice.
When I first started trying to change the world I was enthusiastic but inexperienced so I have continued to educate myself and was proud to pass my PGCE in Complex Communication Needs with a high distinction. I have attended and presented at many domestic and international conferences and have been privileged to present with Jane Farrall, Erin Sheldon and Caroline Musselwhite. I have also completed training in communication systems including LAMP Words for Life, Grid, PODD, Proloquo2Go, Snap plus Core and  SuperCore. I have supported people to implement these communication systems and TouchChat with Word Power. 
I have become just as passionate about literacy, regulation, person-centred values and understanding the neuroscience behind behaviour during my journey. My hope is that one day people with disabilities will get the supports they require to live successful and fulfilled lives as celebrated and equal members of society. I truly believe that teaching reading and writing skills and by helping people improve their communication skills is the best way to start. After all, how can we ensure we are getting it right if the voices of disabled people aren't heard. I would love to share my knowledge, experience and passion with you. We can achieve communication together. 
Tracey Campbell. Augmentative and Alternative Communication Consultant, Teacher of literacy for those with disabilities and advocate for people with disabilities.

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