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Hints, Tips, Links and Discussion Points

External resources and my own hints and tips on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, teaching  reading and writing skills, understanding behaviour and advocacy for additional support needs/disability.

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The MEHRIT Centre

Dr Stuart Shanker's is passionate about understanding the effects of stress on everyone. He developed Self-Reg to help people understand and regulate stress in themselves and others, The MEHRIT centre has free resources that can help you understand how we can all do better when we understand the effects of stress on our bodies and behaviour.


Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies

Karen and David from CLDS are the gurus of literacy for people with disabilities. Follow this link for access to their projects, Tar Hell Reader, Dynamic Learning Maps and Project Core

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Jane Farrall Consulting 

Jane is a special educator and speech pathologist from Australia. She has extensive experience in literacy and AAC and her website is a mine of useful information.


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